My first trip to Asia.

Well I’m currently blogging from South Korea!

Seoul is a pretty intense place, and we’ve only explored it in tiny amounts so far. After a brutal 18 hours in airports and planes we arrived in the early evening. I was surprised that my CDMA blackberry roams here (no data though). So I didn’t need to rent a handset. The airport was overall very efficient and we were out within 30 minutes after landing. A quick bus ride to our hotel and we ventured out to the small roads behind our hotel, where we found a local korean grill house. For those who don’t know, many korean restaurants actually bring the raw meats to you and they are cooked in front of you on a gas grill. The meats are marinated and absolutely delicious.

Anyways, the place we went to on the first night was a higher end place and it was very quiet. We essentially downed 3 beers and ate the meal, ready to head to bed. The food was quite good, but we weren’t totally impressed. Maybe it was just the jet lag.

We’re staying in Yeoui-do, which is a densely packed island of business towers as well as the National Assembly mixed in with a few apartments. Despite it being Seoul’s primary financial centre, there’s still a helpful number of smaller restaurants and shops.

It’s been a fascinating trip so far. Stay tuned for more observations and an account of our trip to the DMZ!