Sandy beaches. I wouldn't know.

Well, I’m now working in Curaçao. The plane ride was pretty smooth, except having to run through the mess that is Miami International to make my connecting flight. I’d post pictures, but Microsoft sucks so much that it can’t get Windows to understand my camera’s RAW format and I wish I had my mac.

The hotel is a million times better than the last one I stayed at. Ocean view, awesome service, I arrive, somebody takes the car, offers me drinks while they get my room ready, take my bags behind my back and there they are in the room…

I still have to get postcards for everybody that I promised, as well as do a bit of shopping this time. It’s always fun when people say “where did you get that”? and you can say “Well I got it at some place you’ll probably never go!”

Tonight is all nighter night where we do a huge upgrade to our systems. 16 hour workday…yay! But after that is a lot of smooth sailing. One more night of hard work, and then I stay up so that I can wander around and explore a bit, maybe even get a bit of a tan. I’ll bring back tons of booze.

I miss you this much Heather Ann: <-][->