Bon Voyage

Off to the Netherlands Antilles.

I’m heading to Curaçao…again! Work has been crazy, lately. There’s a big release coming up, which is why I’m heading away. The last time they swooped me out there I was stuck in a shitty ass hotel (I will never stay at another Howard Johnson again) that reeked, worked 16 hour days, and didn’t have any time to explore the island. The island is nice, but I wouldn’t want to live there. If it wasn’t so touristy, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but ah well. This time I’m staying at a decent hotel, so I may get to go swimming in the ocean this time!

Traveling sucks ass. Airports. Layovers. Delayed/cancelled flights. Rude customs agents. Being treated like a terrorist by the American Dept. of Homeland Security (and they wonder why everyone thinks Americans are rude). Getting to see parts of the world on the company dime is still a nice perk, though. I can’t complain, even though all the other (business) travelers get to have drinks with their clients and socialize, and I’m stuck in a datacentre without any sun at all. This time I’ll make sure to get some time in for nice photography.