Paranoia is the order of the day.

I’m back! Woo! You can see some pictures of Curaçao on my photoblog and my regular gallery.

But let me tell you something about the Americans. They are fucking paranoid. I know something terrible happened to you country half a decade ago, but I am just completely irritated. You see, traveling to Curaçao I had to go through Miami. The trip down was relatively smooth because the US has customs at Pearson. Coming back, however, was not what I would call smooth. Getting off the plane in Miami, you have to pick up your checked in luggage, go through passport control, customs, leave the secure area, check your bags back in, go through security, and run across the airport to your next place. That is not what happened. It used to be (until June of this year) that you wouldn’t have to re-check in your luggage for a connecting flight unless you’re staying in the US. Now, even if you’re connecting to another country, despite the fact that my luggage never gets touched by me I have to go through this hassle. If there is anything that shouldn’t be there, it’s going to go through and will be Canadian Custom’s problem. Fuck off.

This does not enhance security at all. It’s just an excuse for the US to track everybody and everything going through their country. They have the right to do that, but no need. They’re talking about fingerprinting Canadians on entry in the near future. When that happens, I’ll never visit that country for pleasure again.


Anyways, the trip was nicer this time. I wasn’t forced to work 16 hour days like last time. I had time to snorkel, tan, and poke around. I got to see more of this little island, which was cool. I’m done with it, though. It’s an alright place to visit (for free) once or twice, but it’s so small that I get bored after a few days. There’s probably going to be more traveling for work in my future, though. Stay tuned (I can’t say where, yet)!