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Well I’m currently blogging from South Korea! Seoul is a pretty intense place, and we’ve only explored it in tiny amounts so far. After a brutal 18 hours in airports and planes we arrived in the early evening. I was surprised that my CDMA blackberry roams here (no data though). So I didn’t need to rent a handset. The airport was overall very efficient and we were out within 30 minutes after landing.

Blackberry Pearl 8130

Well I’ve done it. Three months after switching jobs and no longer having a work phone I’ve gone out and bought myself one. My old number is with Heather Ann and she decided to keep it. I had to do a bit of give and take with what I wanted, however. Most importantly, I almost had no choice but to go with Telus (meaning a CDMA phone). I’m not a fan of CDMA for a couple of reasons.

Via Rail Internet

I’m currently on a VIA train heading home. Since Angelo bought the wifi service for the day and then just went to sleep, he let me use it. It’s almost useable (AJAX tends barf on it). It’s uplink is via satellite. hylarides:~ hylaride$ ping PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=240 time=1031.102 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=240 time=1131.279 ms 64 bytes from 64.


From Brendan Gregg: “seeksize.d prints the disk head seek distance by process. This can identify whether processes are accessing the disks in a “random” or “sequential” manner.” :-O

*Blink Blink*

As is the case with most blogs these days, I haven’t updated in awhile. I guess it comes with regularly updating my Facebook status and Flickr photo stream. It’s definitely been a year of realization. Realization that I’ve grown up. Realization that I’ve got a mortgage, full-time job, and RRSPs. Realization that I’m well into the working world and that terms like “going to the office” or “corporate whatever” apply to me.