A few things: -Work has been driving me mad the past few weeks. It seems I can’t catch a single break, even for lunch. If I leave, my cell phone rings off the hook. Everybody, just FUCK OFF. -I’ll very soon get to learn the joys of a mortgage. -I just found out that the “ist” group (gothamist, torontoist, etc) has a Parasist page. Why the fuck wasn’t I told about this sooner?

Happy Canada Day...

…even though it’s now the 4th of July. :-P My mom and brother came down this weekend and it was good. They were having a good time shopping at all the stores that they don’t have back in Ottawa and enjoyed a tour of Steam Whistle’s Brewery. This has gotten me to thinking, though. I’ve been to several European cities now, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, and Amsterdam. I’ve also been to Montréal, Miami, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Willemstad (Curaçao), Ottawa, and many more minor cities.