*Blink Blink*

As is the case with most blogs these days, I haven’t updated in awhile. I guess it comes with regularly updating my Facebook status and Flickr photo stream. It’s definitely been a year of realization. Realization that I’ve grown up. Realization that I’ve got a mortgage, full-time job, and RRSPs. Realization that I’m well into the working world and that terms like “going to the office” or “corporate whatever” apply to me.


This past August passed the 3 year mark of a company I work for. The anniversary occurred while I was on a business trip to Europe, otherwise I would have gotten wasted with several coworkers (which seems to be a tradition among the people whom actually get things done there). It’s hard to believe when I look back. The very rapid rise (though it seemed slow at the time) that I experienced can seem somewhat daunting.