*Blink Blink*

As is the case with most blogs these days, I haven’t updated in awhile. I guess it comes with regularly updating my Facebook status and Flickr photo stream. It’s definitely been a year of realization. Realization that I’ve grown up. Realization that I’ve got a mortgage, full-time job, and RRSPs. Realization that I’m well into the working world and that terms like “going to the office” or “corporate whatever” apply to me.


A few things: -Work has been driving me mad the past few weeks. It seems I can’t catch a single break, even for lunch. If I leave, my cell phone rings off the hook. Everybody, just FUCK OFF. -I’ll very soon get to learn the joys of a mortgage. -I just found out that the “ist” group (gothamist, torontoist, etc) has a Parasist page. Why the fuck wasn’t I told about this sooner?